Carrie Kirby

Carrie started with O&P back in…

Carrie runs. She runs, runs, and runs some more… all because of the excellent team at O&P, particularly Mr. Carson Perry. Carrie has been with O&P since 2011 – referred to us by Dr. Carroll Jones of Ortho-Carolina. Carrrie’s passion is staying active – and with a proper solution (that we adjust as needed) – we have been able to keep her on her feet, doing the things she loves to do.

Thoughts from Carrie Kirby

Services Received:

Extremely knowledgeable, dedicated to helping, kind and caring.

O&P’s Solution Experienced:

For the fit and fucntion, I am able to run without ankle to foot pain – and their solution controls pronation.

Thoughts from Carson at O&P

Pre-solution need:

Ankle, foot support. Medial Ankle Pain. Flat Feet. Pronation.

O&P’s Solution & Prognosis

Custom Shoe Orthotics. Carrie is doing great! She is not suffering from medial ankle pain when running.