About  O&P

Supporting the Sandhills since 1981.

Long story short

In 1981, a business was started – Orthotics and Prosthetics of Pinehurst, or as its known by the locals – O&P. O&P is not just ANY business, but one built from the recognition that there was a need in Moore County, NC. Elease Goodwin recognized the need for locally accessible orthotics and prosthetics. Prior to ’81, locals had to drive over an hour away for the nearest orthotic or prosthetic help. The goal then was simple – provide a local place where O&P needs could be met. The solution was O&P, who’s been Supporting the Sandhills since 1981.

Every business has a purpose for existing… where ours started with solving a simple need, it has definitely expanded to a greater purpose. The team at O&P is not about the numbers, stats and award winning solutions –  even though we have earned a great reputation and provided some awesome solutions. Our greatest accomplishments are not the products we create for our clients, but rather the lifestyles gained and often recovered through solutions we provided that fit them.


Truly, supporting the Sandhills is more than a slogan… it is our driving purpose.

We have stories to tell. Not about self accolades and personal applause. Rather about the amazing people we serve in the Sandhills (and surrounding communities) that rediscovered freedoms they thought they had lost. O&P‘s driving purpose is to help our clients regain their lifestyle. Whether that is hiking around the Reservoir, weeding in the garden, fishing at Pinehurst lake, or strolling through downtown Southern Pines…

Let us help you make life beautiful again.

Our Team

Never truer words were spoken… Our Team. Rhonda Spivey, our Mastectomy Fitter said it best when she stated, “We rely on the experience and knowledge of the team to provide the best solution.” Again, it is not about personal accolades or just another trophy on the wall – but rather a team of people with varying backgrounds, years of extensive individual experience and a collective drive to solve problems… that is what makes up O&P. Within that makeup, are 4 distinct specilizations. Prosthetics, Orthotics, Mastectomy and Pedorthics.

— Click on the icons below to learn about the specialty (and more about the team member who leads that specialty). All are certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics (ABC).

Danny Ellis, CP

Certified Prosthetist

As a Certified Prosthetist, Danny describes his role at O&P of Pinehurst as, “custom fitting of all types of prosthetics to help keep people mobile.” 

Danny has many years of experience; which in his own words, means, “I have seen lots of things. Not everybody wears the same thing. The needs are as unique as the individual. When you have that patient who wears something different than 80% of everyone else, it is good to have that knowledge that only 35-plus years of experience provides.”

What sets Danny apart? Aside from being an American Board for Certification Prosthetist, and in this field since 1978, he would tell you it is his – Experience + Compassion + Listening

Carson Perry, CO

Certified Orthotist

Orthotics is “A support, brace, or splint used to support, align, prevent, or correct the function of movable parts of the body.” O&P of Pinehurst’s focus is patient oriented. Carson Perry defines O&P’s work as “helping people who are physically challenged remain independent and maintain – as much as possible – a normal lifestyle.” 

Carson brings extensive experience and strong bio-mechanical knowledge to each job. With over 35 years including 20+ years work at Duke University Medical Center, he has seen it all. Plus, Carson was a technician first (he can make everything he needs). O&P designs everything component-by-component per patient need.

“We work in conjunction with the medical community to help support and overcome your medical deficiency while maintining your strengths. We see ourselves as part of a team.” 

Carson, building mobility solutions internally – Experience + Knowledge + Skill

Rhonda Spivey, CFm

Certified Mastectomy Fitter

Rhonda Spivey works with patients after they have had their breast removed and are completely healed. In her words, “The patients obtain a breast form and a masectomy bra. The forms fit inside the bras (of which there are lots of options to choose from). 

A prosthetic breast form is not just for normalcy of appearance, but for equilibrium (to be balanced). The breast weight affects women’s shoulders and how they stand. So breast forms are made to match the shape and weight of the removed breast.” 

What sets Rhonda and O&P of Pinehurst apart when it comes to Mastectomy products?At O&P, women have a choice. Our large selection ensures that we can find the ideal bra for each person. Each patient, is everybody’s patient. We rely on the experience and knowledge of the team to provide the best solution. 

Knowledge + Personal Connection

Brad Perry, CPed

Certified Pedorthist

Bradley Perry says of his title of Certified Pedorthist at O&P of Pinehurst, “I help patients with foot-complications that are caused by diabeties, high-arches, etc. I provide bracing solutions (theraputic footwear, custom inserts, or whatever is needed) to stabilize the ankle, to remove the pain, and to help improve life. I keep people active and mobile so that they can live life while getting better, resulting in happier patients.” 

Bradley always goes the extra mile. His goal is not just to slap a solution on a patient and ship them out, but to provide corrective support. Following the corrective steps, patients are scheduled for a 2-week, then every 3-4 month evaluations. Why? “To ensure the patient’s foot is properly stabilized, and their health status is progressing.” 

Evaluation + Maintaining Mobility

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