Drawing on multiple dictionaries, you might discover the definition for the word PROSTHETICS is something similar to the following:



The branch of medicine, surgery or dentistry specifically concerned with the design, construction and fitting of prostheses (artificial structures) for the replacement of missing parts or limbs.


While we find that definition to be fairly comprehensive, it leaves out something important that enters in the process of how we at Orthotics & Prosthetics of Pinehurst engage with our clients, perceive their needs, and deliver solutions not just a replacement of a missing part. You see, our focus is NOT the design, construction and fitting of prosthesis, thought that is a BIG part of what we do. Rather, our focus is on the individual. Each person is unique, and brings with them their own set of challenges – and we address each of those in an effort to not only provide solutions that help them accomplish the thing they thought beyond possibility or hope, but restore their dignity and humanity. In the process of treating a human being – we heal an ailment, restore mobility, rediscover a golf game, find the pleasure of nature hikes, enjoy independence… and yeah, even help people rediscover the simple joys of living unencumbered, unhampered and as free as possible. Ours is about restoring the things the rest of the people take for granted…freedom. Freedom to do, and freedom from discomfort and pain.

At O&P, we feel our primary job is to help people regain their life.  Our gifts are the skills we use to find solutions and provide them. But, what drives us each day are those stories we get to tell about changing someone’s life forever. Prosthetic is the art of providing a medical solution prostheses that IS a custom designed, constructed and fitted solution.. for one unique and special individual at a time.

Upper Extremity 

Functional & passive prosthesis for finger, hand, trans-radial, trans-humeral & shoulder disarticulation. 

  • Certified Touch Bionics Hand Fitter
  • Conventional
  • Hybrid
  • Myoelectric
  • Passive

Lower Extremity 

Post-operative, preparatory, temporary & permanent prosthesis for the foot, transtibial, transfemoral, hip disarticulation, & hemi pelvectomy amputations 

  • Endo & Exoskeletal systems
  • Lightweight carbon fiber & titanium components
  • Hydraulic knee controls
  • Computerized knees

Custom O&P products are fit & designed in house for improved fit accuracy, for reduced turnaround time and guaranteed patient satisfaction.