Rhonda Spivey, CFm

Certified Mastectomy Fitter
Rhonda Spivey works with patients after they have had their breast removed and are completely healed. In her words, “The patients obtain a breast form and a mastectomy bra. The forms fit inside the bras (of which there are lots of options to choose from).

A prosthetic breast form is not just for normalcy of appearance, but for equilibrium (to be balanced). The breast weight affects women’s shoulders and how they stand. So breast forms are made to match the shape and weight of the removed breast.”

What sets Rhonda and O&P of Pinehurst apart when it comes to Mastectomy products? “At O&P, women have a choice. Our large selection ensures that we can find the ideal bra for each person. Each patient, is everybody’s patient. We rely on the experience and knowledge of the team to provide the best solution.

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