Perusing the Wikipedia definition, you could paraphrase the definition of PEDORTHICS to be:



The branch of medicine focused on the design, construction and fitting of corrective footwear – including custom shoes, shoe modifications and other pedorthic devices. The intent is to alleviate painful or debilitating conditions on the lower extremities, accommodation for foot deformities, re-alignment of anatomical structures, redistribution of forces (both internal and external), improvement of balance, control of function, healing accommodation, and enhancement of limb actions.

The short and simple answer is, a Pedorthist deals with feet. Yet that answer is  lot like saying a mechanic deals with cars. Walking mobility relies on the feet. From range of motion, gait, health and mechanical issues and even pain – all are contributing factors to your ability (and willingness) to walk. While the above definition addresses the technical aspect, it leave out what we at O&P of Pinehurst deem MOST important… the individual.

As unique as you fingerprint – your needs, challenges and goals set you apart, and it is our privilege to discover and address your concerns, and provide a solution that works best for you.  In the process of treating a human being – we heal an ailment, restore mobility, rediscover weekend getaways and the pleasure of walking trails (and shopping), enjoy independence… and yeah, even help people rediscover the simple joys of living unencumbered, unhampered and as free as possible. Ours is about restoring the things the rest of the people take for granted…freedom. Freedom to do, and freedom from discomfort and pain.

At O&P, we feel our primary job is to help people regain their life.  Our gifts are the skills we use to find solutions and provide them. But, what drives us each day are those stories we get to tell about changing someone’s life forever. Pedorthics is the art of providing a medical solution that is a custom designed, constructed and fitted solution… for one unique and special individual at a time.

  • Arch & metatarsal supports
  • Custom-molded & extra depth shoes
  • Plastic & UCBL foot orthotics
  • Corrective shoe mods
  • Certified in OWLS (Orthotic Wound Limb System)

Custom O&P products are fit & designed in house for improved fit accuracy, for reduced turnaround time and guaranteed patient satisfaction.