In a search for the best way to define ORTHOTICS, like O&P Provides, you might  uncover something akin to the following:



Originating from the Greek “ortho” meaning to straighten or to align, Orthotics is the branch of medicine focused on the design, creation and application of orthoses. An orthoses is an externally worn device used to support or modify the structure and functional purpose of both the skeletal system and the neuromuscular system.  The Orthotist role balances their applicable knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics with a touch of engineering to provide workable solutions for their patients with the intent of correcting either the shape or function of their body to improve or enable movement and reduce pain.
That is a pretty thorough read on the practical aspects of what we DO at Orthotics & Prosthetics of Pinehurst, but it fails to explain HOW we do it. You see, each patient is an individual – with unique challenges, individual lifestyle and levels of responsibility and activity, personal likes and dislikes, and needs that are theirs. At O&P, we engage with our clients, understand their personal needs and deliver a solution that works for them. We never just slap on a brace and send you on your merry way. Rather we focus on the individual. We address the persons own set of challenges in an effort to not only provide solutions that help them accomplish the thing they thought beyond possibility or hope, but restore their dignity and humanity.  In the process of treating a human being – we heal an ailment, restore mobility, rediscover a golf game, find the pleasure of nature hikes, enjoy independence… and yeah, even help people rediscover the simple joys of living unencumbered, unhampered and as free as possible. Ours is about restoring the things the rest of the people take for granted…freedom. Freedom to do, and freedom from discomfort and pain.

At O&P, we feel our primary job is to help people regain their life.  Our gifts are the skills we use to find solutions and provide them. But, what drives us each day are those stories we get to tell about changing someone’s life forever. Orthotics is the art of providing a medical solution orthoses that is uniquely designed, created and fitted to solve an individual’s personal needs and objectives. One person at a time, providing solutions for unique, individual and very personal needs.


From simple devices to complex orthoses that immobilize the spine 

  • Foam & Plastic Collars
  • Halos


Prefabricated and custom-made devices designed to immobilize, correct or limit flexion, extension & rotation 

  • Lumbosacral braces
  • Dorsolumbar braces
  • Chair back style braces
  • Hyperextension braces
  • Body jackets

Upper Extremity 

A wide range of devices to provide support or immobilization. 

  • Hand orthoses
  • Wrist/Hand orthoses
  • Elbow orthoses (positional & adjustable ROM)
  • Fracture bracing

Lower Extremity 

Custom-made or prefabricated plastic & conventional systems to control improper or abnormal motion, improve skeletal alignment 

  • Hip abduction splints & hip positioning
  • Hinged knee supports
  • Elastic & neoprene knee support/stabilizers
  • Post-operative
  • Knee immobilizer
  • Ankle-foot orthoses
  • Knee-ankle-foot orthoses
  • Hip-knee-ankle-foot orthoses
  • Reciprocating gait orthoses
  • Fracture Bracing

Custom O&P products are fit & designed in house for improved fit accuracy, for reduced turnaround time and guaranteed patient satisfaction.