Bradley Perry, CPed

Certified Pedorthist

Bradley Perry says of his title of Certified Pedorthist at O&P of Pinehurst, “I help patients with foot-complications that are caused by diabeties, high-arches, etc. I provide bracing solutions (theraputic footwear, custom inserts, or whatever is needed) to stabilize the ankle, to remove the pain, and to help improve life. I keep people active and mobile so that they can live life while getting better, resulting in happier patients.” 

Bradley always goes the extra mile. His goal is not just to slap a solution on a patient and ship them out, but to provide corrective support. Following the corrective steps, patients are scheduled for a 2-week, then every 3-4 month evaluations. Why? “To ensure the patient’s foot is properly stabilized, and their health status is progressing.” 

Evaluation + Maintaining Mobility