Besides being an often misspelled word, Mastectomy is a service provided by O&P of Pinehurst by Rhonda. But to understand what that service entails, reference material defines it as follows:



Obtaining its word origin from two Greek words, meaning “breast” and “cutting out”, Mastectomy Services of O&P are those related to post-operative care for patients who have had the surgical removal of one or both breasts – partially or completely. Such care includes proper fitting of a breast form for appearance and balance.

Post-operative Mastectomy care is VERY personal in nature. The emotional toil of such radical surgery, the effect of body image and balance are all critical elements to bring into consideration. At O&P of Pinehurst, our goal is not just a simple solution (like buying a flowery top), but engaging with the patient, understanding her needs and concerns, and catering to the individual with solutions that work BEST for them. Each person is an individual, and the healing process (both physically and mentally) is different for all people. We address the individual in an effort to not only provide solutions that help restore their dignity and humanity, regain proper balance and rediscover their independence, but to also rediscover the simple joys of living unencumbered, unhampered and as free as possible. Ours is about restoring the things the rest of the people take for granted…freedom. Freedom to do, and freedom from discomfort and pain (both physical, emotional and mental).

At O&P, we feel our primary job is to help people regain their life.  Our gifts are the skills we use to find solutions and provide them. Mastectomy Service is the art of providing medical solutions and appropriate clothing that is personally constructed and fit to the individual with attention to comfort and style. We help people heal from the inside by comforting the heart and restoring dignity and comfort. We are O&P of Pinehurst.

  • Post-operative breast
  • Post-operative bras
  • Swimwear
  • Post Operative Silicone
  • Compression Bras
  • Surgical Bras
  • Leisure Breast Forms

Custom O&P products are fit & designed in house for improved fit accuracy, for reduced turnaround time and guaranteed patient satisfaction.

Bra features of

Mastectomy Bras

  • Front & Back hooks
  • Comfort Straps
  • Wide Bands
  • Strapless
  • Underwire
  • Wire-Free
  • Molded Cup
  • Cotton
  • Sports Bras
  • Recovery Care Garments
  • Compression Bras / Vests

Balancing Shapers / Partials

  • Used for Lumpectomy & Reconstructive Surgery

Silicone Prosthesis

  • From traditional weighted to light weighted

Leisure Forms

  • From Weighted to Non-Weighted


  • Swim Suits
  • Swim Forms