Meet Mr. Disney

The Man

Mr. Disney is a unique patient in many ways. For one, he is a huge force for good in the community. An active volunteer, an advocate for the homeless that gathers much-needed provision for those most in need in Moore County. Coats, blankets, food… Each major storm or drastic temperature mark reached – you’ll find Mr. Disney scouring the community for those in the¬†elements and provides relief in whatever way he can. Many of these people he knows by name, knows where he can typically find them – – and they know him.

His pre-retirement life found him a Sheriff for Moore County. He is a people person and has sought to use what God has given him, to be a help and blessing to others. Always has, and always will.

Another way Mr. Disney is unique is that he has been treated by 3 different areas of Orthotics & Prosthetics of Pinehurst. He has been seen by Pedorthics, Orthotics and Prosthetics. Not many people in Moore County can tout the strengths of O&P from personal experience of 3 services! He currently is under our Prosthetic care (having had an amputation of the leg at the knee). But don’t consider that an impediment to Mr. Disney! Instead, it introduced him to another ministry opportunity… he is working with First Health to develop a counseling & support ministry to amputees. He is already active in this capacity and has been a huge help to people facing this new life challenge.