Pete Taylor

Pete started with O&P back in April of 2014. He had been under the care of Duke Prosthetics, and was referred by Mike Wilkerson, C.P. because O&P of Pinehurst was closer to home for Pete.

Pete has many interests – most of which literally “keep him on his feet.” Fishing, hunting, involvement with church, taking care of his family, grilling out, hiking, and teaching a home Bible study.

Thoughts from Pete Taylor

Services Received:

The staff at O&P are simply first rate and awesome people! The service is excellent. Danny is a good, stand-up guy and he has shown he is willing to go the extra mile to ensure his patients are taken care of. I know this personally. My foot broke one weekend. Danny drove over an hour to where I was and replaced my foot. Danny is not only knowledgeable about what he does, but he genuinely cares.

O&P’s Solution:

I had existing prostheses. I needed liners as mine had worn out. O&P provided bi-lateral socket liners. After an accident where my prosthetic foot was broken, O&P determined that a replacement was in order as my existing prosthesis was already 6 years old!


Solution Experienced:

From the very beginning, I have felt very comfortable knowing what I wanted would get done at O&P. From a cosmetic standpoint, it really meant a lot to me personally that they took the time to get the Bible verses and NC State logo on the legs. Danny also fixed the legs so that the fit was optimal! I do not have one complaint about the service and level of care received from O&P


Thoughts from Danny at O&P

Pre-solution need:

O&P provided liners and Pete ultimately needed new prosthetics. After his foot broke, there was a need to replace the whole thing as his was already 6 years old.

O&P’s Solution

We provided him with new liners, foot and foot shell, and fabricated new sockets with custom logos. To match his personal interests, we custom accented the legs with NC State logos and a Bible verse in English and Hebrew.